Credit Bureau of
Canada Collections

SinglePoint Group International Inc is the holding company for our recognized industry leading brands specializing in accounts receivable management including Credit Bureau of Canada Collections  (CBCC).

CBCC primarily focuses on providing business to consumer accounts receivable management solutions. Originally founded in 1947, CBCC quickly became one of Canada’s leading collection agencies.

Our services, in any combination depending on your needs, include;

  • Pre charge-off delinquency management
  • Integrated 1st party and 3rd party solution options
  • Pre collect
  • Standalone skip tracing
  • Full legal administration support
  • Post charge-off recovery
  • Debt purchase

In support of our collection strategies and to fully maximize recovery rates, we have developed specialized divisions that separate different portfolios based on their unique needs rather than a mainstream accounts receivable approach. We customized practices and procedures that meet the needs of your industry.

We service many industries including, but not limited to, telecommunication, finance, healthcare, utilities, education and government. Always considering legislation, compliance and privacy.

We have the expertise and the technology to manage your accounts receivables throughout their lifecycle.

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