we have the strength

and capabilities to help you

do your heavy lifting

Cash-flow is the life-blood of every business. Writing-off unpaid accounts should not be just a cost of doing business. We believe that you have the right to the money that you have earned.

Collections of unpaid accounts is a highly challenging aspect of any businesses.

We understand this and we will do the heavy lifting for you. Through our experience, we have developed efficient and professional collection processes to recover outstanding accounts. We offer end-to-end accounts receivable management from the early reminder phase through to post-charge off phase.

  • Reminder
  • Early stage delinquency
  • Mid/late stage delinquency
  • Post-charge off
  • Debt Purchase

Our experience and our long history in collections allow us to help you with:

  • Strategic optimization of your collection strategy
  • Designing contact strategy based on risk, account balance and age
  • Strategic customer messaging
  • Best time to call analysis
  • Propensity to pay

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